00:00 – 00:21 Introduction Music

00:21-01:13 (Gary Aalbers, CEO &Owner) I’m Gary Aalbers, CEO and owner of Aalbers Tool and Mold Incorporated which is a company I started in 1982. I started with three machines in the corner of a rented shop. Since then we’ve expanded slowly and steadily to the point today were we have 150 employees and a hundred thousand square feet of manufacturing, engineering, and office space. The name Aalbers is a family name that I’m very proud of, and that name is put on a plaque which is attached to every single injection mold that leaves this facility. It’s very important to me that the quality of that mold is top notch and also that everyone that looks at that mold and reads the name Aalbers Tool and Mold is satisfied that the quality is the very best that it can be.

01:13-01:44 (Toni Hansen, President) My name is Toni Hansen and I’m the President of Aalbers Tool and Mold. We have been in business for over thirty years. We build high quality injection tools for the automotive industry. You have to maintain this level of quality of new machinery otherwise you can be left behind. The industry demands accuracy, demands short lead times, and the only way to do that is with good equipment.

01:44-02:02 (Jay Stevenson, Plant Manager- Machining) I’ve been at Aalbers fifteen years. I’m the plan manager of the machining division. We purchase the best machines possible. We’re using world class tooling to enable to us to get the job on the table quicker run lights out over the night, over the weekends to maintain our deliveries.

02:02-02:26 (Bonnie Desjardins, Data Coordinator) I am the data coordinator at Aalbers Tool and Mold. I started here when they were one building and now we’ve just recently moved to gorgeous new facility. The people that I work with, they have been here ten, twenty and even thirty years. Like once they start at Aalbers Tool they don’t want to leave. It’s a great environment. It’s a great place to work.

02:26-02:46 (Toni Hansen, President) We also have probably the best team in the industry as far as people that you can work with. We have people that have been here twenty-five years. They are very highly skilled and very dedicated people to this company and to the product we build.

02:46-03:00 (Jay Stevenson, Plant Manager- Machining) There’s a great group of experienced individuals that work in this place that strive for precision and quality and perfection every day and I’m proud to be a part of that.

03:00-03:24 (Dave Meleg, Plant Manager- Plant 1) My name is Dave Meleg, plant manager at Aalbers Tool and Mold. I’ve been with Aalbers Tool and Mold for eighteen years. I’ve worked my way up from an apprentice to a leader, to a foreman, and now to the plant manager of the company. We’ve got a great bunch of guys at Aalbers Tool and Mold. The guys are real dedicated and care about their jobs and it shows up in our tooling day in, day out.

03:24 – 04:02 Final Music